The Struggle Is Over


For 20 years, I was trapped in a vicious cycle of defeat. I struggled alone in silence with periods of disappointment, failure, guilt, shame, pain, low self-esteem, self-hate, emotional eating, fear, sadness, anxiety, depression, and obesity due to having multiple miscarriages.

The Struggle Is Over is infused with God’s promises to help readers OVERCOME life struggles and the vicious cycles of defeat.  I use transparent stories, motivational quotes, prayer declarations, transformational stories, and God’s promises to inspire readers to believe they can overcome any struggle in life with God’s help. 


I believe by faith this book will empower readers to:   

  • Declare the struggle is over 

  • Identify and prevent cycles of defeat 

  • Transform your mind by the promises of God

  • Live life abundantly 

“We may encounter many defeats, but we must not be defeated.” Maya Angelo